Will the Switch be Nintendo’s Final pitch

Nintendo’s current console  release was a crucial move for the Company as leaks had suggested a retail price of $250.However, the $299 price tag was a tad higher than most anticipated. The Switch could be make or break for Nintendo in the Console business as the Wii U couldn’t match the Wii’s success or Sales.Considering the prices of the accessories that you may require,Nintendo might be shooting itself in the foot  as the Console will presumably not have the power to compete in Graphical fidelity with Microsoft or Sony after Nintendo added portability to the Equation.Nintendo never had the desire to compete in specs with the Big boys and did go it’s separate way after GameCube which to its benefit or loss is still up for debate. This might be an issue with Developers who want more Computing power to Develop Games for the system .Portable Gaming Console Market has been fizzling out since PSP as Mobiles  have become increasingly powerful and the public thinking twice if an extra device in the pocket is worth encumbering themselves with. Besides the Zelda  announcement as launch title, there really is no other killer app starting out at launch.

Whether Nintendo has learned from its mistakes with the Wii U, is only something  time will tell . Great games can still set it apart, but as to what Demographic Nintendo is targeting with their custom hardware is still not very clear as having an under-powered console could set it back from receiving the multi-platform games that could possibly limit it from expanding its library to a broader audience.

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