AMD processors

Will AMD rise with RYZEN

Dominated by NVIDIA in Graphics and INTEL in processors, it’s about time to see AMD’s answer to the increasingly tough competition. AMD was relegated to the mid-range performance segment in processors and graphics since their architecture was just not good enough for high performance competition with INTEL or NVIDIA.

All though Intel has been giving us good processors for years since the advent of CORE Architecture based CPU’s, we can’t say what the Market would have been like with proper competition from AMD.AMD is all but irrelevant in the Notebook processors market and the only thing it has going for it is its custom chips business but with no high-end Graphics or processors in the Laptop and Desktop market, awareness of the brand would have definitely taken a hit.

At CES 2017 AMD demonstrated RYZEN processor running at 95w and churning the performance of an i7 6900k which runs at 145w which leaves us being cautiously optimistic but we have yet to see how it actually performs in objective real world scenarios till reviewers get a hold of a few processors. Having less TDP and producing similar performance still speaks volumes about the architecture. If AMD can replicate similar performance in laptops with low TDP’s then they might have an outside chance of clawing back market share from INTEL. AMD will release its RYZEN processors soon and rumors and leaks at this point indicate that these chips will be neck and neck with INTEL.

So, here’s hoping we will have better competition, fair prices and more choice all to the benefit of the consumer when AMD’s new processors are released.

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