The new “Nokia”. What’s in a Name

So HMD Global is going to launch its first Nokia branded smartphone in China. The Nokia we all know  sold  their mobile devices division a few  years back to Microsoft and Microsoft’s strategy to sell Nokia branded phones with Windows Phone OS  failed to capture any sizeable market share  which then sold it to FIH Mobile a consortium of HMD Global  and Foxconn .The real Nokia stopped selling their namesake phones as they  moved to focusing on their telecommunication infrastructure business after getting battered and knocked off their perch by the advent of touch screen phones .This initiative to launch the First “Nokia” Android phone is by HMD Global after they bought exclusive rights from Nokia to use the “Nokia” branding on their phones for 10years.

Dissing to finally embracing Android ,the new Nokia smartphones by HMD Global have no other  viable alternative operating system.    iOS is exclusive for Apple Phones , Windows phone OS has already been tried and cant be taken seriously ,Meego was a one off thing and Symbian has gone the way of the Dodo.Also Nokia had already tried implementing Symbian OS on their touch phones which turned out half baked and not really optimized for touch .  Anyone remember this??



So what will HMD Global need to stand out.Well finally since they have decided on a proper operating system this time around they  can focus more on useful software customization,good hardware,good ecosystem of services and apps (something along the lines of OVI but better) and also useful features  which are not discarded in annual iterations.There is not a single app or service provided by a phone manufacturer  nor a good ecosystem of services or apps which have made any noticeable impact to their sales figures as most are gimmicks and novelties which wear off in a while.Nokia used to built good phones in the past and if HMD Global  can put the  Mobile division resources and expertise to good use with a well developed ecosystem of apps and services on top of android  this can make their phones stand out in the crowd .Good optics and technologies which used to make their symbian phones standout will also work in there favor.If they can  strike a good balance and tread the fine line between over-customization and stock android then they might have an attractive product at launch.

Nokia 6


Full HD 5.5 screen,4GB RAM ,Snapdragon 430 ,64 GB internal storage, 16 megapixel back and  8 megapixel front cam are decent specs for the price.The  Nokia 6 smartphone lies between premium to mid-range where they haven’t gone for a flagship processor and an ultra HD screen.There are many competitors selling good phones at this price range and if Nokia 6 manages to claw  some market share in the overcrowded Chinese market then it might be a good foundation for further launches for HMD.

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  1. Nokia was too late to evolve and like the author says were “knocked off their perch” , nevertheless I want to see the Nokia of old, always good to have more players in the game !

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