Specs to consider before buying a new laptop

You may have many reasons to buy a new laptop but one thing you should be sure about is decent specs.Making a choice among the myriad of options in retail or online stores is a mind boggling experience with laptop manufacturers constantly updating specs.

Some of the basic specs you MUST consider before you buy your next laptop are-

Guy’s it’s time to stop buying laptops with the most common       1366 x  768  display which looks really ugly and doesn’t  do justice to the specs.Any content on this resolution doesn’t look nice and this resolution was introduced years back and mobiles are coming with ultra HD displays.

The resolution to look for and buy is   Full HD 1920 x 1080  and there are a bunch of manufacturers providing affordable laptops with decent specs at this resolution.Look for a logo similar to the one show above or ask the salesman for Full HD Laptops.


You might just need a laptop to browse the internet ,watch movies and open a few excel files so you might think 4GB of RAM is enough.Well applications(Excel files) and open browser tabs eat huge chunks of the RAM so it had be best to go for 8GB to avoid a choppy experience and not worry about applications running in the background.

SSD  for primary tasks HARD DRIVE

Make sure your new laptop comes with at least 128GB SSD or more which will be used to run your primary tasks and on which Windows will be installed.This will ensure your laptop is snappy on start up and your main applications don’t take too long to start(it hardly does with an SSD and a decent processor).

A Secondary 1 TB Hard Disk for extra storage to store all other things is optimal.

If you have to choose between a 1 TB conventional hard disk and a 256GB SSD then go for the SSD.The experience will be worth the lack of storage space and you can always keep an external hard disk for your other files.


i3,i5,i7?What to buy?

Keep a few things in mind .Currently the 7th generation of intel processors are out and the laptops with these processors are already in the market.
So you cant go wrong with anything from intel starting with i5 or i7 followed by 7xxx (Example i7 7500,i5 7200). If you want a laptop with good battery life then look for the “U” suffix after processor name     ( Example i5 7200U). Even 6th generation processors (Example i5 6200 , i7 6500) are not really outdated as there is roughly a 10 to 15 percent performance gap between 6th and 7th generation so don’t hesitate to buy 6th gen if a good deal is available. As for AMD processors,they have become quite irrelevant in the laptop market so I won’t recommend buying laptops with AMD inside currently till there new generation of processors are released this year.


If you don’t plan any gaming then integrated Graphics with the processor is enough so there’s no need for a dedicated Graphics Card and this will also reduce your cost.We will have a separate page for dedicated laptop Graphics card soon enough and I will post a link over here very soon.


Keep this specs recommendation as your rough guide and also keep in mind not to end up over paying for  the recommended specs. 600$ give or take you should keep as your base budget when going for a laptop with similar specs as mentioned above.Paying more will get you better features,build quality ,aesthetics etc and paying less there may be trade offs but all in all keep the guide and price range in mind when you go out looking for your next laptop.

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