Gaming processor

Most powerful Processor 2017

The most powerful processor for Gaming or any other task you can think of  is the Intel Core i9-7900X which can be bought at an exorbitant price of $999.With this processor you will get 10 cores and frequency of 3.3 GHz which can boost to a maximum of 4.5 GHz and has a TDP of 140W but the overall heat and power consumption will be much higher taking all PC components into account. It also has 44 PCI express lanes which is the maximum that can be had on a single Intel processor.

Is it suitable for Gaming?

Yes it tops most of the performance charts on tech review sites so you don’t have to worry about CPU power affecting your Gaming framerates on the latest games. More often than not this processor should give you the highest frame rates which is possible with an Intel processor.

Should I get a new motherboard?

msi x299 motherboard

Yes this Intel processor will only work with the latest X299 chipset as its a new socket yet again (LGA2066) which can be bought around $300 give or take based on features. MSI , Asus ,GIGABYTE ,EVGA  and many other motherboard vendors  will be making X299 motherboards.

What about Competition?

ryzen processor

Well there is a lot of competition in terms of AMD and within Intel themselves who have processors which provide better value for money. AMD’s top performing flagship processor Ryzen 1800X can be had for around $400 with which you will get 8 cores and solid performance but which is still below the i9 7900X in most of the benchmarks but still provides good performance in Gaming or any other tasks.Ryzen 1700 has similar specs to Ryzen 1800X but the clocks are lower but it provides solid value for money as the processor is easily overclockable and with the industry moving towards higher cores it is also quite futureproof. Intel also has i5 7600K and i7 7700K which provide solid performance for around $250  and $300 but i9 7900K is not about value but all about having the best with no compromises so if money is no object then with the i9 7900K you will get the best performing processor currently available at this point in time.

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