AMD AM4 chipsets

What motherboards to choose for AMD Ryzen Processors

There are ideally two types of AMD motherboards if you are looking for a home for your brand new AMD Ryzen processor. We will keep it simple and categorize it into value option and ideal option.

Value option

AMD B350 Motherboard

AMD B350 chipset

Check for B350 in the name of the Motherboard no matter which brand you decide to buy. This will provide amazing value for money and all Ryzen processors should fit into this motherboard as Ryzen processors are Socket AM4.The price of these motherboards will hover around $100 to $150 give or take. Don’t expect higher performance in Gaming if you go for the X370 motherboards. What you will get with X370 motherboard should mostly be additional features but nothing which affects Gaming frame rates.

Ideal Option

AMD X370 Motherboard

AMD X370 chipset

Check for X370  in the name of the Motherboard whichever brand you choose. This motherboard is unhinged and you should go for it if you want only the best and want every possible feature available on a motherboard from more PCI-Express lanes, more USB 3.1 ports ,an extra x16 PCI Express slot and a lot of other additional features . Dual Graphic cards setup is only possible on an X370 motherboard and the price of an X370 motherboard should be above $200.


If you want to save money on your Gaming rig then go for the B350 motherboard as you will get similar performance to the X370 but if you have full knowledge about all the Extra features in an X370 motherboard and you are sure enough to use the last available feature on the Motherboard then by all means buy the X370.


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