Games worth upgrading your PC for in 2017

Sometimes there are Games which entice you to upgrade your PC for enjoying the visuals at their full stutter free glory and not distract you from the experience.  

Here we will post a list of PC Games which make a solid case to fork out your hard-earned money for some new parts. We will continue updating this list as and when Good Games are announced or released.

Dawn of War 3

This Game will be a mix of RTS and RPG Elements and will have gameplay elements of Dawn of War 1 and Dawn of War 2. Beautiful isometric views of chunky metal warriors warring with different races and vice versa in beautiful landscapes should be a sight to behold. Addictive game-play, beautiful visuals and being built only for PC, this Game should be a treat for PC Gamers. Even though you can hold off on upgrading as minimum requirements have not been announced, large scale battles shown in demos should be taxing on old graphic cards so upgrading your PC for this Game might be worth your while.

Dawn of War 3

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Venturing into unknown territory to explore alien worlds with your graphic card churning out the Space opera in maximum details should be a mouth watering prospect for PC Gamers.Mass Effect started out on PC and hopefully EA will do justice to PC Gamers with a properly optimized Game instead of a bad port.


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