Full frame Cameras

Full-frame Cameras – Where to Start?

So you want to take the leap to Full-frame photography and looking for the best starting point in the long list of Cameras and lenses  for full-frame. Since you are starting out into Full-frame photography you might have a moderate  learning curve ahead of you so it’s best to leave the expensive Cameras with all the bells and whistles to the pros and you can finesse and grow your skills on a cheaper and value oriented choice with no compromise in image quality. We have two clear cut choice for photographers and you can rest assured this will provide a solid foundation to enhance your skills and pave your way to become a pro in no time.

Nikon D610

The price of this Full-frame camera has gone down quite considerably owing to the fact that this Camera has not been updated by Nikon for a few years which has brought down the price of this Camera in the range of an APS-C DSLR. So with increased affordability the Consumer has a choice of going for a Full-frame Camera such as the D610 or a mid-range APS-C DSLR . This camera  should provide better value then a mid range DSLR and also has many cheap lenses with solid image quality. The D750 is a newer Full-frame Nikon with similar image quality and more features but  because of the higher price over the Nikon D610 it doesn’t earn our recommendation.

Canon EOS 6D

Canon full frame camera

This Camera has also been hanging around for really long which was even before the D610 ( the D610  was a replacement for a shutter flaw of the Nikon D600) with price falling even below the Nikon Camera. Even though the camera was released more than 4 years ago, the 20.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor  in the EOS 6d is no slouch and competes with the best. You don’t have to worry about mega pixel count if you are just dipping your toes into Full-frame photography as the  20.2 megapixel sensor produces exceptional images and with the combination of lenses available we had slightly lean towards the Canon EOS 6d as Full-frame entry level Canon lens slightly edges out the Nikon D610 in terms of affordability.

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