Entry-level DSLRs 2017

A basic guide in choosing the right Entry level APS-C DSLR for your budget

Entry-level DSLR’s

 Nikon D3300

This is the Entry level option in Nikon and if you are starting out into DSLR photography then you can’t go wrong with this camera but keep in mind that autofocus is only available on new lenses with auto focus motors so if you see a really cheap nikkor lens in the market then its probably without an autofocus motor.The kit lens bundled along should be good enough for casual photography but keep a budget of atleast $500 to get decent lenses to cover different focal lengths as you will be limited if you want to move beyond casual photography.

 canon eos 1300d

  Canon EOS 1300D

The alternative to the Nikon D3300 but comes with fewer megapixels.Only pixel peepers would be able to see the difference in quality ,not the newcomer.Your decision to buy Nikon or Canon should ultimately be based on which lens you plan to buy after doing your research,unless you just plan on shooting with the kit lens then you had be better off with a point and shoot camera.

Note-Very soon we will update this article with more detailed information and the set of lenses you should consider with the cameras.

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