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Choosing the best Nvidia GTX Graphic cards

There are so many Nvidia GTX cards out in the market that someone who is new to the Graphics scene might easily get confused and pick one over the other mistaking it for the top card Nvidia has to offer. Even after a new card is released many retailers mix up old stock with the new for display on the shelves as a result uninformed customers may end up picking a previous generation card if the retailer hasn’t reduced the price which is often the case in brick and mortar stores.  Here we will tell you the new from the old and what each card brings in terms of performance to ultimately help you decide in buying the right card.

The flagship

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

This is the GTX 1080 Ti released in March 2017 and the current Nvidia flagship card which beats every other card in Games or any other Graphic related task you maybe looking for. Don’t confuse it with the GTX 1080 and especially look for the Ti on the box. You don’t have to worry about frame rates with GTX 1080 Ti  and you can play most of the Games in 4k ultra settings (so a 4k monitor is ideal not Full HD) and also  be sure to pair it with a good processor so that you don’t get throttled by the CPU. The performance is neck and neck with the GTX Titan which was released last year targeted for industry professionals but the GTX 1080 Ti is cheaper, widely available and especially targeted for the Gaming audience. If you have got the cash there is no other card to look for as nothing comes close to the GTX 1080 Ti.

The second best

GeForce GTX 1080


GeForce GTX 1080

This is the GTX 1080 which was the flagship card released in May 2016 before the GTX 1080 Ti came out. The performance is about 25 to 30 percent below the GTX 1080 Ti in Games which may make the difference in playability in 4k resolution for Current Games.4k resolution might push the GTX 1080 to the limits  in some Games and you might need to tweak the Graphic  settings inGame if frame rates come down and your mouse  pointer starts acting funny in complex gaming scenes. Playing in Full HD is a walk in the park for the GTX 1080 so if you have a Full HD monitor the aforementioned concerns don’t apply to you. So be careful not to end up buying the GTX 1080 for the price of a GTX 1080 Ti but if you are getting this card for around $450 then you are getting a good deal.

The niche



Well where does this card fit in? This card was released after the GTX 1080 last year and the Gaming performance is above the GTX 1080 and almost similar to the  Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti give or take for a whopping price of $999.Wait what? Yes this was released as a niche product for professionals who might need the high amount of computing power for their specialized fields but it could play games as well and as it turned out it gave the highest frame rates so Gamer’s crazy enough to fork out that cash could go and buy these cards but wasn’t as widely available as the GTX 1080.Now that Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti provides similar gaming performance  to this niche card there is no reason why you should get the Nvidia Titan X for $999 when the GTX 1080 Ti is available for $699.


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